Recreating the future of peptide therapeutics

Our goal is to revolutionize the discovery process for novel peptide therapeutics for patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. Combining the untapped potential of peptide biology with the power of machine learning, Peptilogics approaches drug design at massive scale, creating the next generation of medicines through precision engineering and design.


At Peptilogics, we explore untapped chemical space to engineer peptides to treat some of the most challenging diseases.


Our AI platform is designed to transform peptide drug discovery. We build on and extend key advances in AI algorithms, supercomputing and peptide R&D to enable in silico predictive peptide design across diverse targets. Our approach efficiently accesses new functional chemical space to design peptides with binding, selectivity, safety and other properties optimized for their success as drug candidates.


The potential for peptide therapeutics to treat a broad variety of diseases is significant, yet we believe it has not received enough attention. We are advancing our pipeline by focusing on serious conditions with high unmet medical needs, while accelerating discovery efforts at a pace and scale that was previously impossible.